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Uhmm probably gonna be about pokemon sprites, stfu pkmn ftw!!!!

Hey guy's check my trailer

2009-07-11 10:37:02 by BlueKakashi4096

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im making a movie soon so expect that later

Well im stumped

2009-06-04 22:42:09 by BlueKakashi4096

i have absolutely no idea what to do next in my video. so it wont be out for a while

making a new series

2009-05-17 11:44:11 by BlueKakashi4096

im making a new sprite series and it will come out in a little bit. it will be like proxicde's MK vs SF series. but the thing is i have no idea's left. it will be tekken vs street fighter and i just have no clue what to do on my next sprite action scene

help me out would ya?

2009-03-13 16:16:06 by BlueKakashi4096

well im starting to get into stick videos. will someone out there offer me help? oh and another thing. i also might fully convert to a stick figure animator but i dont know yet. i might just get better in sprites and then do sticks. or the opposite, or just do both =/ well thats all i got. now i am just typing to make this post longer.....uhh PIE

hey guys

2009-01-19 23:18:16 by BlueKakashi4096

i am new to newgrounds and its a real honor to be here. my inspirations are minispeed1, ssj zac. beast-unleashed arkuni and DuDul. i really hope i get to meet them as well as other spriters out there. and one day i will become as good as my idols. ok enjoy my ideos